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Made of PET recyclable plastic, this 3 ounce refillable container can be used outdoors while at the pool or on the beach, on a plane, or while tailgating. It snaps on the top of any standard size can. Simply fill the container with the non-granulated liquid of your choice, such as cherry soda, vitamin water, or an alcoholic beverage! You even control the drink ratio with the tilt of your arm. Our very own CEO, Fadi Kalaouze, has been working on this product for the last six years, which included many sleepless nights, trials, and mistakes - and he believes it's going to change the way you drink. You shouldn't settle for a single-flavored drink ever again!


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3 MixIt Fresh Reusable Containers

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    Mixit Fresh has spent 7 years of hard work brainstorming with two different engineering firms to create a completely uniquely designed device made specifically to satisfy your creative needs. What does that mean for you? From the first sip to the last drop, Mixit fresh promises to meet you anywhere you are with a perfect mixed drink

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