endless mixit possibilities



5-hr energy with coke

rockstar & orance juice

vodka & sparkling water

 To avoid those calories, try throwing a Mixit together combining flavored sparkling water and vodka! A powerful, but mindful mix that surely will deliver what you are looking for without attacking the waistline. 

vodka mojito

 Want to get a little fancy with your Mixit? Just grab a can of lime flavoured soda (our favorite is the San Pellegrino) and Mixit with club soda & vodka to create this delicious cocktail. Perfect for movie night! 

moscow mule

 Want to take your Mixit to the next level? Try our delectable Moscow Mule Mixit by combining ginger beer, lime juice, and vodka to create the quick and easy solution to any movie night. 

rum & coke

 A classic, sweet-tasting cocktail. One of our favorite and most popular rums to use for this mix is Bacardi. Just add your rum preference in your Mixit and you are ready to go! 


 If you are looking for a few more hairs on your chest, try out a variety of Boilermaker combinations with the Mixit! Put whiskey in your Mixit and pair it up with any can of beer you would like to try to create our most powerful mix. 

who we are.

Mixit Fresh has spent 7 years of hard work brainstorming with two different engineering firms to create a completely uniquely designed device made specifically to satisfy your creative needs. What does that mean for you? From the first sip to the last drop, Mixit fresh promises to meet you anywhere you are with a perfect mixed drink

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